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Hi, my name is Joe and I have been selling preowned motorcycles since 1992.  I started off doing it as a side business to my full-time job, but quickly realized I had a passion for it.  Many years ago I was able to leave my job, and focus all my attention on Joe's Bikes.

I am able to offer great prices on clean used bikes because I keep my overhead extremely low.  I don't have salespeople, I don't have rent to pay and I keep my advertising at a minimum.  This allows me to sell bikes to you at a significant discount over other dealers.

As a small dealer, I personally purchase every bike myself.  I do not buy any crashed or repaired bikes.  The majority of my bikes come directly from the owner.  I am very particular about what I buy, as it must be clean and must run well.

I try to make buying a bike from me a low pressure, enjoyable experience.  I like finding the right bike for each person and if I don’t have what you need, I won't try to pressure you into buying a bike that is not right for you. ​

I don't believe in dealer fees.  The price you see advertised is the price you pay. I realize many people have been surprised at other dealerships with hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in added fees.  Here, the price posted is the price you pay.

I encourage you to call or text me anytime if you have any questions.  My cell number is 603-321-5800.  You can reach out to me anytime.

Joe Farris

Johnny Granfield

Hi everyone, my name is Johnny and I am fairly new to the motorcycle business. I graduated from The University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2020 with a Plastics Engineering degree. I also joined the military at 18 years old and became a Civil Engineer in the Air Force. 

I met Joe and Joey through sports in our home-town, reffing them at a young age.  Over the years our families have become very close.  Being around these guys and their business showed me what a special thing they have going on, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  Together Joe and I have done house flips, rental properties, motorcycles, side by sides, and more!


I’ve always wanted to work around motorcycles and power-sports, I’ve had excitement for it ever since I was young, I've ridden dirt bikes since I was 6 years old and bought my first street bike before I bought my first car!  Working with these guys offers me the best of both worlds.  I get to make a living while providing people with something they love.  The problem I faced when wanting to enter the powersports world was the negative stereotypes that came with working at a dealership. When I met Joe and Joey, I realized Joe's Bikes is not a regular dealership, it's more of a community.


My core values as a person reflect those I’ve learned in my military training: Excellence in all we do, service before self, integrity first, and lastly, nothing beats hard work. I apply this to Joe's Bikes on a daily basis and try to spread that mentality to the people around me. 

I am always available to talk, my number is 603-508-9106 and can answer any questions you may have about bikes, side by sides, real estate, or anything you may want to talk about. 


Hey, I’m Joe’s son, Joe, and I'm 19 years old. I’ve grown up around powersports my entire life and have always had an immense interest in them. I graduated from Bishop Guertin High School in 2021 and have been learning the powersports business for a couple years now. I wrestled and played volleyball in high school, and grew up playing flag football up and down the east coast.


Now, I have a podcast aimed towards speaking with people my age and diving deep into their approach on life.  I hope to inspire people around my age who may feel like college is not for them. The podcast is called Off Campus Podcast if you'd like to check it out!


I’ve been watching my dad run Joe’s Bikes for my entire life, and I love watching customers leave with a smile on their face. When it came time for me to choose a path in life, I knew this would be the most fulfilling, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I look forward to finding the right bike for every customer who walks in the door.​

I value hard work, respect, and honesty, and I try to do my best with any task I'm handed. I'm

super excited to officially be a part of Joe's Bikes and helping people find a great ride they will enjoy. 

I'm always available if you'd like to give me a call about anything at 603-321-9100. Whether it's a question about bikes, my podcast, or anything else, I'll be happy to give it my best shot.

Joe Farris

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